The Hypnosis Circle

Hypnotherapist Support System

The Hypnosis Circle

The Worlds Leading Hypnotist Support Program
The complete support system for Hypnotherapists around the world.

Hypnosis Circle Hypnotherapy

The Hypnosis Circle

Based in the UK with founder Member Master Hypnotist David Knight.
You must hold a professional training certificate in Hypnotherapy with The British Academy of Hypnosis to become a member of the Hypnosis Circle.

The Hypnosis Circle Logo guarantees that the Hypnotherapist is professionally trained and recognised as a Hypnotherapist and has the full back up services and support to guarantee you as the client that you are in safe hands.

If you require more information on the Hypnosis Circle or would like to send comments about one of our Hypnosis Circle Professionals please feel free to
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David Knight B.A.Hyp

Master Hypnotist
The Hypnosis Circle
The British Academy of Hypnosis

UK Office: +44 1609 778889

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Hypnosis Circle