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Welcome to The Hypnosis Circle.

If you are looking to hire the services of a Hypnotherapist or Stage Hypnotist the links above will give you a guarantee you receive an excellent service from trained Hypnotists supported by the Hypnosis Circle.

Finding a reputable Hypnotherapist in the UK can be a challenge but now you can relax and be assured that booking your Hypnotist through the Hypnosis Circle will guarantee a professionally trained and insured Hypnotist who will work to the highest professional standard.

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Hypnosis Circle Hypnotherapy

Although Hypnosis is very serious indeed a professionally produced hypnosis show is an amazing experience to witness and maybe even be a part of. From this web site you will find the best Stage Hypnotists the UK has to offer.

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The Hypnosis Circle is a support program only for Hypnotists who have been professionally trained and follow an ethical code of conduct and working practice.

The Worlds Leading Hypnotist Support Program.
The Hypnosis Circle offers support to Hypnotherapists and Stage Hypnotists around the world.

You must hold a professional hypnotherapy training certificate to become a member of The Hypnosis Circle.

David Knight B.A.Hyp

Master Hypnotist
A Member of The Hypnosis Circle
A Member of The British Academy of Hypnosis
A Member of Equity

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