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Bulletproof Confidence

December - Bulletproof Confidence

Is it time to turn that confidence up? Take the confidence check and boost your self esteem to new level. You only have one shot at life and so let's make it our best.

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Hypnotic Life Coaching

Winston Churchill once said, “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”
The problem is, enthusiasm can be hard to come by, especially when yours has taken a beating. Setbacks and disappointments have a way of knocking it down. We start doubting ourselves and lose sight of who we really are. Without confidence, it becomes impossible to try, guaranteeing failure.

Thankfully, we know one thing for certain: confidence can be reclaimed, as every successful person knows. In this 1 month coaching program you will discover 7 things successful people know about for reclaiming their confidence. This 1 month coaching program consists of the
Bulletproof Confidence Ebook, Bulletproof Confidence Hypnosis Audio Download, 1 Live Hypnosis Coaching Zoom and 1 Live Group Hypnosis Session. The program will give you the tools need to reclaim your confidence and win BIG!

Bulletproof Confidence

The Single Gold Coaching Program
1 Month of Coaching

Bulletproof Confidence Ebook and Workbook
Hypnosis Audio Download
A 50 Minute Live Coaching Session
A 20 Minute Live Hypnosis Session
Gold Hypnosis Circle Support Group

Gold Hypnosis Circle Coaching - £99

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David Knight Hypnosis Life Coach

UK Office: +44 (0)870 3212123

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