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Unlimited Energy

September - Unlimited Energy
Unlimited Energy will allow you destroy the stress of burnout and create a power of unlimited energy allowing you to be the very best all day long!

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Hypnotic Life Coaching

In this day and age life moves at a frantic pace. We are perpetually connected to devices, work, family obligations, social media and many other sources of input all demanding our time and attention.
At the same time, we are driven and want to achieve a lot.
We don’t want to miss out on opportunities.
We want to provide the best life possible for ourselves and our family.
But in the midst of all of the hard work, deadlines, meetings, calls and text messages, we can easily lose track of our own health, wellbeing and sense of peace.
This is how we begin to burnout. When this starts to happen it can be a slippery slope that can lead to many serious life challenges.
Burnout: is a state of emotional, physical or mental exhaustion (often all three.) Excessive or prolonged stress is typically the major contributing factor.
It can impact any area of your life. It isn’t just about being tired. It is a severe issue that can require professional help if not dealt with appropriately.
But what if you could beat burnout?
What if instead of running yourself ragged and completely depleting your physical, mental and emotional energy on a daily basis… you took charge of your life and avoided that pain altogether?

Discover the hypnotic magic of destroying burnout and create the power of unlimited energy.

Hypnosis Ebook to help you uncover 20 Strategies to Beat Burnout. A Hypnosis Life Coaching Session to personalise the strategies to your life situations. A Live Group Hypnosis Session to Empower your Subconscious and a Hypnosis Audio to destress and build energy whenever needed.


Unlimited Energy

The Single Gold Coaching Program
1 Month of Coaching

Unlimited Energy Ebook and Workbook
Hypnosis Audio Download
A 50 Minute Live Coaching Session
A 20 Minute Live Hypnosis Session
Gold Hypnosis Circle Support Group

Gold Hypnosis Circle Coaching - £99

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David Knight Master Hypnotist
David Knight Hypnosis Life Coach

UK Office: +44 (0)870 3212123

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