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Discover how the mind works and become a Master of Persuasion!

Create a future of Freedom.

Can you imagine if you could master the power of the mind and understand why people make the decisions they make. Discover why people buy products and why some people are leaders and some people just follow.

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Hypnotic Persuasion is a powerful manual offering you the true working power of the mind and to be able to use that power to persuade! This manual is written my the original Mind Persuader, Master Hypnotist and Empowerment Coach David Knight. This may be the most powerful book on persuasion ever written.

Life is about negotiating and there are always two options. You can negotiate the best job, the best house, the best car and the best price for everything or you can just follow the rest of the people and have the stuff that is left after the negotiators have taken what they wanted.

The power within this mind manual is priceless and I guarantee it will be one of the most important purchases you will ever make. As you become a Mind Persuader you will discover how the mind filters information and how people use this information to make decisions about their future. Understand this information and you will anticipate the persons thoughts allowing you to always be ahead of the game.

People are creatures of habit and knowing how people filter and process information and how they have acted in the past will give you a strong indication to their thought processes and how they decide to make a decision in the future. We create our future from our character and through past events and thoughts controlled by our subconscious mind. These foundations are held true and controlled by our 16 natural desires. Understand these and the power of persuasion becomes yours.

Hypnotic Persuasion reveals some of the secrets known only to Master Persuaders and Stage Hypnotists. Not only will this information help you understand the power of the mind, you will discover the ability to persuade and protect yourself from those who already use these powers.

There is a difference between persuasion and manipulation. IN NO WAY is this information meant to be used to manipulate others to do this that are not right so that you may gain! Remember what goes around comes around! Persuasion is always best when both parties are in a win - win situation.

 In The Program You Will Discover

The Gate Guardian
How the mind works
The 16 filters of the mind
The 16 mind codes of persuasion
9 ways of covert persuasion
The 13 most powerful words
Subliminal persuasion
Hypnotic suggestibility
Covert mind codes
6 Secrets of persuasive action
Guaranteeing your success
Subliminal leadership skills
Hypnotic words
Hypnotic advertising
Hypnotic speeches
Hypnotic conversations
Covert persuasion
Subliminal body language

Become a Persuader Today!

This ebook will become one of the most valuable purchases you have ever made and you master skills that will help change your life. It's not what you earn in life that makes you wealthy is how you spend your money that really counts. This program has the power to change your life and its available to download right now and begin today.

Order today and you will instantly download Beyond The Gate Guardian Ebook and have access to a powerful Hypnosis Facebook support group. Remember, the power to persuade must only be used for purpose of good.

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